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The DoPoints Platform basically has three core elements that provide the base for all our innovations. The platform has been designed to ensure all the customisation required to offer the most amazing solution possible.

Transactions Record - capturing transactions across all elements of the value chain. The records are designed to capture various dimensions (value, time, calendar, quantity etc.). Our innovative tools ensure a capture of a wide range of transactions.

Customer Account - where the entire relationship with a customer is managed at an individual level. So every element like registration and access, rewards allocation, usage history, transactions history, preferences, service requests and practically every other element relevant to the customer relationship.

Rewards and fulfilment - with a range of options (points, product catalogue, mobile recharges, mobile bill credits, e-coupons, m-coupons, sweepstakes and more), the platform manages end to end delivery (procurement, stocking, delivery logistics and communication.

The Interface Layer is integrated with the DoPoints platform. With practically every digital interface possible, the DoPoints Platform and its features ensure relevant mechanisms to address every element of the value chain.