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Our Engagement and Rewards Solutions cover a range of offerings.

Distribution Engagement and rewards programs :
Covers distributors, retailers, wholesalers, FOS, in-shop promoters and consumers.

Prospect Engagement :
Engages the prospective customer even before he is one and can convert interest to action much better than any traditional media. Works across product categories.

Media Solutions :
A never before program for the electronic media offering solutions never imagined before.

Retail Chain Solution :
Plastic cards and those lame points rarely worked. That's where this solution steps in.

Celebrity Fan Program :
Ever heard of a loyalty program for a Celebrity? Well we have one!!! The one sided love affair of a fan can now bear fruit!!!

Telecom Service Solution :
Does away with the need of pesky SMS and calls and the random push of unwanted services to enhance revenues. This solution is perhaps intelligent enough to replace server loads of analytics.

Mobile Marketing Solution :
Includes everything that is already out there. But the difference is that it is account based - so the approach is cumulative and strategic rather than just being tactical and short term.